Going granular into drinking habits of 24 markets

ABInBev, the largest brewing company in the world, needed to go deeper with their data


ABInBev uses quantitative research to understand how drinking attitudes are changing and to guide many strategic decisions. A key part of this research is a quarterly survey of beer penetration in their 24 global markets. Although traditional survey methods work to get accurate national level estimates, ABInBev often need to go deeper in order to understand granular sub-groups – for example young, rich men in Kenya – where typically there will be very little sample.


We enriched ABInBev’s category penetration survey results with relevant information from some of their other internal data sources. Then we built statistical models that could predict beer preference by occasion, given age, gender, income and country.
ABInBev were able to access the results through our online application, meaning that they could slice and dice them at their leisure. Our technology was able to infer what precise demographic groups, often having negligible sample sizes, thought and consumed. It did this by pooling information across different groups, and using related parts of the survey and other pieces of information (like GDP statistics). For instance we used what young, rich women in Kenya drank to help infer what young, rich women in Tanzania drank.
Abinbev-TZ ABInBev Case Study


  • By using focaldata to understand their data at a granular level, ABInBev’s marketing team can allocate campaign resources and investments in a more efficient way
  • £2.5m of savings from not running other bespoke surveys of approximately 10k people in key markets (sometimes this wouldn’t have even been feasible)
  • Gave ABInBev’s senior management the confidence to make decisions based on what the data was saying
  • Easy platform has made exploring the data easy, saving time for ABInBev’s marketing professionals

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