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Stonehaven uses Focaldata to reduce their operational overhead by 10x when building an internal quantitative research and analytics team

Fast-growing Stonehaven is a global data-driven communications and reputation advisory firm for businesses navigating ESG and other strategic questions.

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Stonehaven was founded in London and now has  international offices in Singapore, Dubai and Sydney. They bring together data insights, campaigning experience and policy expertise into a modern data-forward consultancy that works with some of the world’s largest companies.

When building out their data and insight capabilities, Stonehaven needed to find a partner that could (a) accelerate their research operations without the overheads of traditional methods (b) help them build their own respondent-level dataset to generate unique insights into public opinion in the UK and other markets.

They previously used traditional research agencies to run ad-hoc polling and public opinion tracking. The process was too slow, and they had to do days of manual work for every wave of research to get the data ready for analysis.


Focaldata’s platform supports Stonehaven’s goals of building a modern quantitative data operation to underpin their work for clients and their position in the market.

With Focaldata, Stonehaven’s team scripts and launches multiple waves of research every week to feed their insights into populations in the UK, Australia and other major global markets. Due to the simplicity of the platform, one Stonehaven data analyst is able to script and launch a project within an hour. Data quality and processing are automated — including an integration with Snowflake and  downstream analytics tooling.

By automating the workflow, Focaldata saves Stonehaven several analyst days every wave versus using traditional survey, sampling, data processing and data quality tools themselves.


Stonehaven has built its reputation as a data-driven leader in their market. The firm has been able to generate unique insights into the UK, Australia and other key markets with a data and analytics team that is a fraction of a size of rivals with similar capabilities.

“Focaldata’s platform told us where we needed to campaign and what we needed to say when no-one else could. They are simply the best out there.”

Nick Lowles, CEO, Hope not Hate