Behaviour changes in the UK population regarding Brexit

We helped HOPE not Hate to understand public opinion in constituency levels


Known for their campaigns against racism and fascism, HOPE Not Hate has become one of the most successful political action groups in the United Kingdom. In August 2018, the group asked us to produce insights about behaviour changes in the UK population regarding leaving or remaining in the EU. They wanted to accurately identify changes in a detailed geographic level (Parliamentary constituencies) based on a commissioned survey with a small sample size.


The client provided us data about people’s opinion before and after Theresa May published her proposed Brexit deal on 6 July.

We analysed the data with our AI-driven Engine to predict opinion shifts in all 632 parliamentary seats in England, Scotland and Wales.

The result was an intuitive and actionable platform that HOPE Not Hate used to guide strategic decisions. The received insights enabled them to deploy campaign resources efficiently, lobby the right MPs and deliver the right message to the right target segments of the population.

pastedImage0 HOPE not Hate Case Study


  • Hope Not Hate saved £1.2m for not having to survey every UK constituency individually
  • Increased online and offline campaign effectiveness by targeting right areas
  • Cited by members of the House of Parliament and leading researchers as the most robust analysis of changes in public opinion since the EU referendum

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