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When did a client last say they had a huge budget, no urgency about delivery and no opinion on data quality? We have led client teams at big and small agencies. We know the pressure you're under. We're here to help.

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Free up time to look smart in front of clients

It takes too much time working with fieldwork agencies from sourcing bids to delivering data tables – time taking you away from your clients. Take the load off and stop worrying about data collection. Get it handled by Focaldata's unique mix of ultra-responsive expert team and proprietary tech.

Get clean data every time

Rubbish in, rubbish out is a cliche but it's true. So, we've built machine learning models trained on over 100 million data points to automatically detect and remove poor quality respondents. Then we add on top three layers of expert manual review. The result? We remove 30% of respondents on average versus an industry average of 10%.

Seamless speed throughout the process

We control every stage of the research workflow from survey scripting with our own software to running fieldwork using our own sampling engine and then processing the data with our proprietary pipeline. This dramatically cuts down the time taken to design, launch and get results back. You can expect results up to 3x faster when compared to other providers. No more chasing your fieldwork partner.

Costs that keep you competitive

Budgets are under pressure worldwide. We have built our tech to deliver impressive efficiencies across the research workflow. This delivers cost and time efficiencies to us which we can pass onto you. We don’t believe in subscription models – you pay us for what you use. No more, no less.

Trusted long-term partnership

Our team have worked in client facing roles at market research agencies. We know that the best client and agency relationships are partnerships built on trust. This is what we will build with you: your success is our success. It's that simple with Focaldata.

Rapid innovation guided by you

We treat every customer as a design partner. If we can save you 100 hours every year through automation or process improvements, we'll do it. We develop features that will generate the most value for you. It's that simple.


Full spectrum research

We support clients right across the research spectrum — from segmentations and audience profiling to message testing to tracking, and everything in between.



Investigate a category or topic to understand emerging trends,
opportunities, and risks



Segment your audience to identify opportunities for growth



Understand the usage, attitudes and perceptions of each target group



Run RCTs and A/B tests to validate messaging, concept and creative ideas



Measure brand, reputation, public opinion and other metrics over time

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