The research platform behind
data-driven teams

We’re building a data collection platform that makes research simple and hassle-free. So our customers can focus on what they do best—mind-blowing analysis that drives winning campaigns and strategies.


Focaldata provides brands with the tools to collect data seamlessly. Companies such as Loaf, Yeo Valley
and PROPER use the platform to support their
growth decisions, from product packaging through
to brand strategy. With Focaldata, they can move faster and win their market.

How we helped PROPER grow faster

PROPER needed to review its brand health before starting a new marketing campaign. They only had a few weeks to complete their study and decide where to focus spend.

Using Focaldata’s platform, PROPER rapidly surveyed over 4,000 consumers to understand what was behind consideration and purchase. The data helped PROPER quickly refine their view of consumers and the wider market and refocus marketing spend on the best opportunities for future growth.

"Focaldata gave us the accurate view of our brand that we needed. I can’t ever imagine going back to conventional research.”

Cassandra Stavrou MBE
Co-founder of PROPER

Agencies and campaigns

Focaldata provides agencies and consultancies with modern data infrastructure to help them deliver extraordinary insights and advice to their clients. Agencies such as Adam&EveDBB, Stonehaven and Jaywing are using Focaldata to supercharge their research operations.

“It's an incredible unique benefit to combine a self-serve platform with the same audience precision as YouGov Profiles, all accessible immediately. Focaldata allows you to concentrate on the results, and frees you up for higher level thinking.”

Adrian Langford
Director of Strategy, Jaywing

“Focaldata’s platform told us where we needed to campaign and what we needed to say when no-one else could. They are simply the best out there.”

Nick Lowles
CEO, Hope not hate

Use cases

From testing new ideas to measuring brand health and public opinion

Use Focaldata to run trackers, test ideas, understand consumers, and more. All from one simple platform.


Know your target audience. Understand how they think, feel, behave. Use our audience tools to get answers from exactly the right target group, whether that’s sports fans or Tesco shoppers. Then root your strategy and campaigns in data, not assumptions.


Power your next pitch with unique data. Gather data to underpin your next winning pitch or proposal. Stand out from the crowd by being data driven right from the start of every engagement.


Check messaging and communications before you launch. Run A/B tests to compare options. Understand what your target audience thinks before finalising your campaign messaging. Get it right the first time.


Be right more often. Iterate with quick-fire experiments. Pick the most effective creative or packaging for your audience. Launch creative campaigns and product refurbishments with confidence.


Run decision grade trackers with ease. Understand the ROI from your brand building initiatives, and measure the impact of advertising campaigns on your marketing funnel. See how you rank against competitors. Understand your ideal customer and identify opportunities to build your brand even more effectively. Then take action.


Put public opinion data at the heart of your organisation. Track key topics. Keep ahead of trends. Stay one step ahead of the competition.


Derisk new concepts. Learn quickly about what works and what doesn't. Reorient and go again. Adopt agile methods and get winning ideas to market first.

Launch a study in minutes. See insights within hours.

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