Poll results: Europe before the Elections

June 9, 2024

Europe before the elections

Focaldata conducted polling of 6,128 Europeans across six countries (Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Sweden and Spain). Respondents were surveyed on a variety of issues around the European elections, including their views on the main issues of the election, and their views on a variety of environmental issues. Each survey of c. 1,000 respondents was designed with quotas and weights to ensure that they were nationally representative across age, gender, national region, education, and past-vote in national elections.

The main take-aways from the polls are:

  1. When asked to choose between an ECR or ID party and a different party, almost 3 in 5 EPP voters across Europe preferred the European-wide approach of parties that do not affiliate with either ECR or ID
  2. While more than 7 in 10 EPP voters across Europe support their party for positive reasons, almost 1 in 7 plan to vote for the EPP to stop far right (ID or ECR party)
  3. Almost 1 in 3 voters in Europe share concerns about immigration and assimilation whilst also being heavily concerned about climate change. The same is true for EPP and Renew voters
  4. In terms of attitudes towards climate change, EPP voters across Europe are most similar to Renew, S&D 
  5. S&D voters have tackling climate change as a structurally top issue for their voting motivations

The full deck is available here.

Data tables

The full datatables are available here.

Source for image of European Parliament.

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