Focaldata/British Future Poll: Jubilee Britain
June 1, 2022

British Future ran a series of polls on the Focaldata platform between 28 February - 7 March 2022 among four samples: general population, Scotland, ethnic minorities, young people.

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Animal Welfare Standards: MRP Poll
April 25, 2022

A group of animal protection organisations (including Humane Society International) ran a poll on the Focaldata platform with over 10,000 UK respondents. Fieldwork was conducted between 11-20 April 2022. Using the polling data, Focaldata completed a constituency-level analysis using MRP.

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5 Ways to Improve Consumer and Social Research with Ethnic Minorities
March 18, 2022

Getting a representative sample of ethnic minority adults via online panel research is a major problem for researchers and stakeholders. Skews and biases in sample composition are common—and have major implications for policies and campaigns affecting ethnic minorities.

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A Guide to Data Quality for Online Panel Research in 2022
February 24, 2022

Online panel marketplaces bring speed and scale—and fraud and disengagement. As panel marketplaces dominate research, data quality is more important than ever. Here are our findings about data quality that you can apply to your team.

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Focaldata/Hanover: Leadership Contest Poll
February 8, 2022

Hanover Communications ran a series of polls on the Focaldata platform between 28-31 January 2022. The polls were targeted at the general population and at Red Wall constituents.

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