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We provide research and consumer insight services for data-savvy teams. Get the most rigorous data and analysis at the speed of software.

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5x speed and efficiency

Our tech and processes are battle-tested. You get a crack team of researchers with the tools to get more done in less time than any other research agency.

Maximum audience reach

Focaldata’s intelligent platform optimises the sampling and fieldwork process connecting with 4,600+ panels in 90+ markets, maximising reach into B2B and B2C audiences.

Guaranteed data quality

Focaldata combines people, processes, and technology to guarantee the highest quality research services through the industry’s most rigorous data integrity programme.

World-class client service

We are your dedicated research arm. Award-winning researchers, polling gurus, PhD data scientists, industry veterans — all focused on the success of your research.

TECH-first services

Get certainty at pace from expert researchers

The days of slow-motion manual processes and unwieldy delivery teams are over. With proprietary technology, Focaldata's experienced researchers and data scientists provide data and insights at unprecedented speed and scale – without compromising on data integrity.

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We build tools that give superpowers to researchers

The Focaldata platform fuels our operations. With access to 100+ million people in 90+ markets, powerful scripting functionality, intelligent fieldwork sampling and automated data quality, plus built-in analytics. It’s the fastest, most efficient way to run rigorous research with B2C and B2B audiences.

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The research engine
for next-generation insight

Focaldata serves forward-thinking communications firms, campaigns, advertising and marketing agencies, consumer brands, and enterprises, and everything in between. We help generate the insights that grow brands, win campaigns and convert audiences.

We do this by helping clients to segment audiences, explore consumer trends, test creative and messaging, model data, and then track everything from brands to public opinion, and much more.



Investigate a category or topic to understand emerging trends, opportunities, and risks



Segment your audience to identify hidden opportunities for growth



Understand the usage and attitudes of each target segment – and decide how to target them and what to say



Run RCT, A/B and other tests to validate your best concept, creative, packaging and messaging ideas



Measure the performance of  initiatives by tracking brand, reputation, public opinion and other metrics over time

Working with focaldata

The modern way to get research done – fast, seamless, rigorous

Our process is simple. Our consultants design your research. We then use our platform to streamline the work and deliver data and analysis at lighting speed and unmatched integrity. You get data and analysis delivered in whatever form you need by our consultants.


Customer testimonials

“Focaldata gave us the accurate view of our brand that we needed. I can’t ever imagine going back to conventional research.”

Cassandra Stavrou MBE
Co-Founder of PROPER

“Focaldata told us where we needed to campaign and what we needed to say when no-one else could. They are simply the best out there.”

Nick Lowles
CEO, Hope not Hate

“Focaldata offers more detailed and accurate insights than any other pollster can offer. They are consistently reliable.”

Naomi Smith
CEO, Best for Britain

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