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Get decision-grade data from B2B and B2C audiences at 5x the speed of traditional agencies.

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Why Focaldata

Make better decisions.
Get your time back.
Build a unique data asset.


Get data rapidly. Drive better decisions.

Any member of your team can script a survey, pick an audience and launch a project—in minutes. Move at the pace of your business.

Increase Analysis Time

Free up time to do brilliant analysis.

By integrating scripting, sampling, fieldwork and data quality, your team will save days of time compared to cobbling together standalone tools.

Drive Unique Insight

Start building your own data asset.

With all your data in one place, start creating a proprietary data asset for generating unique insights.

How Focaldata works

Collect reliable data without the hassle

Write your questions and set up your audience
Simple polls to complex trackers. From niche consumers to multi-market studies.

Begin data collection with one click
Track progress when live. Data quality and all the heavylifting is done for you.

Analyse your results
Slice data quickly and start building your story.
Easily export to your favourite analytics tool for deeper study.

Seamless quantitative research

You don’t need multiple tools, processes and suppliers to get reliable quantitative insights from consumers. With Focaldata, you can get the job done seamlessly, with one integrated, automated platform.

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Our customers

Focaldata powers extraordinary research by data-forward teams

“It's an incredible unique benefit to combine a self-serve platform with the same audience precision as YouGov Profiles, all accessible immediately. Focaldata allows you to concentrate on the results, and frees you up for higher level thinking.”

Adrian Langford
Director of Strategy, Jaywing

"Focaldata gave us the accurate view of our brand that we needed. I can’t ever imagine going back to conventional research.”

Cassandra Stavrou MBE
Co-founder of PROPER

“Focaldata’s platform told us where we needed to campaign and what we needed to say when no-one else could. They are simply the best out there.”

Nick Lowles
CEO, Hope not hate

Flexible. Adaptable.

No matter the project, Focaldata is flexible
and powerful enough to adapt.

Consumer profiling
Concept testing
Brand health
Product testing
Message testing
Public opinion tracking
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100+ features

Everything you need to build your survey,
target your audience and get your results.

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Reliable data

Trusted by trusted sources

Polls run on the Focaldata platform have been featured by leading news organisations including the BBC and Reuters.

Launch a study in minutes. See insights within hours.

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