What's new: Minute-by-minute pricing, randomising sections

April 20, 2023

We've introduced minute-by-minute pricing to help make research budgets go further. And we've added section randomisation to complement question randomisation, further reducing ordering bias in surveys.

Minute-by-minute pricing

We're always trying to find ways to make research budgets go further. One problem is that sample costs are traditionally calculated using tiers. For example, whenever any survey has been created that sits between 3-5 minutes in length, the price is the same. 3-minute surveys therefore cost the same as 5-minute surveys, regardless of the difference.

We've now built a new pricing engine for our platform with minute-by-minute pricing. This change means that surveys can cost up to 18% less thanks to moving to this new system.

See our new pricing in action

Randomising section order

Randomising the order of questions within a section is already possible within the Focaldata platform.

We've now added the ability to randomise the order that sections are shown in a survey – so that stimuli shown in earlier question sets do not bias later results. This means you can further reduce ordering bias in your survey when handling sets of creative, messaging or concept tests with multiple stimuli being shown to respondents.

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