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Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin use FD_Chat to strengthen their sustainability messaging

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin used FD_Chat to improve their go-to-market sustainability messaging. Using our platform and its targeting capabilities, they conducted 500 in-depth 30-minute interviews directly with their sustainability-minded segments. They used these interviews to deeply probe underlying attitudes and language used around sustainability, uncovering opportunities to improve their messaging in ways they hadn’t anticipated.

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The Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin were embarking on a pivotal advertising and communications campaign to push the message of sustainability to their customers and stakeholders. In the past, they used traditional focus groups to understand attitudes towards sustainability and craft an initial message. However, in order to more deeply probe underlying attitudes and evaluate the effectiveness of the message, they needed to go beyond focus groups.


Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin used a traditional focus group to fuel initial message ideation. They then deployed AI-powered FD_Chat to run 500 in-depth 30-minute interviews at targeted sustainability-minded segments to understand how different parts of the message resonated - including why and how it could be improved. They wanted to build confidence in the message they’d created in traditional in-person focus groups and see if they could improve upon it.


The depth of insights provided by FD_Chat proved to be a game-changer, uncovering invaluable opportunities to refine and elevate their go-to-market messaging in ways they hadn't anticipated. The in-depth report combining rich verbatims with impressive quantification of the qualitative interviews gave them confidence in their overall message. More than this though, it also gave the team a deep understanding of why the message has resonated with different groups and what they could change to make it even better.

“The feedback we received was very useful. Through FD_Chat we were able to further test our messaging in an extremely efficient and effective way. The constructive feedback helped us finesse our messaging.”

- Kimberly Koh, Consumer Insights Director, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

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