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Global Strategic Communications Council (GSCC)

Helping GSCC with flash 24-hour polling to drive the green agenda

Global Strategic Communications Council (GSCC) is a campaign network dedicated to strengthening the media debate and public conversation around environmental issues. They conduct public opinion research and audience analysis to help shape communication strategies around the green transition, and to support the creation of impactful digital content.

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GSCC’s impact depends on making timely, agenda-setting interventions in the evolving media debate around green issues and the zero-carbon transition. This means having the ability to react to a fast-changing news cycle, with snap polls and fast data reporting.   

In procuring data, GSCC needs a fast-turnaround ‘insight loop’ – the ability to script, field and share journalist-friendly data fast. Crucially, they also need a partner with ‘logo credibility’ to ensure high levels of media confidence and shareability.


Focaldata deploys a full suite of features – from niche audience profiling, automated fieldwork and weighting, and instantaneous data reporting – to power fast-turnaround polls.

In a typical project, Focaldata receives a questionnaire from GSCC and delivers nationally representative results in under 24 hours. While the poll is in the field, the GSCC team can log in and interrogate the data as it is being collected. This enables GSCC team members to begin to shape their briefing and media interventions even before the final respondents have come in.

Once the poll is complete, we apply final data quality checks and weighting automatically. This means zero dependencies and human bottlenecks.

The GSCC team then uses our data visualisation tools to define their demographic or audience groups of interest, query the results, and download raw data outputs – in their preferred format. If timelines are tight, they can also download a full powerpoint deck of results, complete with fieldwork and sample details.


Focaldata’s data platform enables the GSCC to run polls at 5x the speed of traditional agencies, without compromising data quality. This enables the team to react to policy announcements, shape the media debate on key environmental issues and make impactful interventions in the public conversation.

“Focaldata are one of the fastest polling provider I've worked with. Once I've hit go on a project, I can receive a quote from the team within hours, or log into the platform and get a quote instantaneously. I can then send through my questions and receive a nationally representative dataset all within 24 hours. This helps us stay ahead of the news cycle and make impactful, polling-backed interventions in the public conversation.”

Steve Akehurst, Insight & Messaging Lead, GSCC

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