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Delivering weekly multi-market brand tracking for Mediahub

Mediahub is an award-winning global media agency within the Mediabrands network with over 1,100 employees worldwide. They work with challenger brands including New Balance, Twitch and Pinterest.

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Mediahub UK set out to challenge traditional brand tracking approaches to improve the performance of multi-market campaigns.

Mediahub UK searched for a partner to (a) deliver robust weekly tracking data across international markets (b) integrate with their systems to reduce operational overheads so they could focus on analytics. This data needed to be displayed in a purpose-built dashboard accessed by their clients and teams.

Traditional agencies were unable to offer weekly tracking efficiently. The process was too slow to reliably get data each week, and they had to do lots of manual work to get the data ready for analysis.


Focaldata generates weekly multi-market brand tracking data at scale for Mediahub — delivering integrated data via our platform, directly into Mediahub’s data infrastructure. The tracker runs in 20+ markets including Brazil, Japan, China, Mexico, Germany, France and Italy.

Focaldata supports Mediahub UK’s data and analytics team on the design of the tracker for each client. We manage every step of the process: translations are completed by our global network, and we programme the survey for each market, running soft launches to test the data, and then launch fully — repeating each week. Data quality and data processing is run automatically. We complete a final manual review before pushing the raw data automatically into Mediahub UK’s infrastructure.

By automating the workflow, Focaldata saves Mediahub UK several analyst days every month versus using traditional providers, and means they can deliver weekly tracking compared to the industry status quo of monthly and quarterly tracking.


Mediahub UK now delivers highly innovative tracking for New Balance and other client brands.  They have built a unique weekly brand tracking data capability with minimal operational overhead. All the data flows through into their infrastructure and downstream client dashboards combining with ad spend and other data to give their clients deeper, more accurate insights into their performance.

“Focaldata have been an instrumental partner who have been willing to innovate for Mediahub and independently are innovating within the research space. It's important for us as Mediahub to find partners who share the same challenger spirit as this allows us to do our most novel work and to continue to bring new data, insight and analytics products to solve real problems for our clients.”

James Olney, Head of Data & Analytics, Mediahub UK

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