Why do we need a new way to do qual?

Focus groups and qual interviews are often unaffordable and take weeks to see results. And then you’re left wanting more. FD_Chat conducts 100s of insight-rich interviews in a matter of hours. And gives you the ability to explore that dataset instantly — from exploring trends to testing messaging and campaign ideas.

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Qual insight in three quick, easy steps

Rapidly get actionable qual insights from hundreds of 1-1 qual interviews with ease.


Set your objectives 📋

Define your objectives and what you want to understand. Specify the audience you want to understand so the correct participants are recruited.


Interviews conducted 🦾

Kick off the project. Interviews will begin immediately. Our AI interviewer (called Sage) will simultaneously run 100s of interviews with our engaged panellists or your own audience.


Analyse transcripts 🔬

Quickly uncover top findings and rich quotes using our conversational AI helper. Ask questions, get great answers. Probe further to get exactly what you need.

It was nuts how fast we got the insight. We talked to Focaldata at 1pm – we launched the project by 5pm and we got the data the next day.

Brand Strategist, Impero


Decision-grade qual at 10x speed

Get robust, actionable qual insights at unprecedented pace.

Next day qual

The world’s fastest way to collect and analyse qual interviews. Get to decisions and insight 10x faster than your competitors.

Scaled up. Decision grade.

Easily collect 100s of insight-rich transcripts to support robust decisions and recommendations. Build confidence with more data points.

Fit qual into more budgets

Every project can benefit from qual insights. AI can deliver interviews with engaged respondents (plus analysis) at affordable cost. So more projects benefit.


Answer key consumer, comms and public opinion questions

Teams use FD_Chat to dig deep into the real motivations, attitudes and behaviour of consumers, citizens and voters at unprecedented scale — from exploring consumer attitudes for a pitch right through to deep exploration of public opinion.


Pitch preparation 💼

Explore consumer truths to find those game changing quotes that will ensure your pitch resonates.


Trend exploration 🧭

Identify, explore and validate an emerging trend or proposition ahead of further investment.


Early discovery 🧪

Understand the usage and attitudes of different target segments – and decide how to target them and what to say.

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