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With rapid speed and guaranteed data quality, Focaldata give you the competitive edge needed to win pitches and deliver successful data-driven strategies and campaigns for your clients.

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Every agency is trying to be data-driven. But few succeed. We provide the team and technology that plugs directly into your planning, insight and strategy teams – putting data and audience knowledge right at the heart of every client project and campaign.

Make a great first impression

You’ve delivered great ideas and thinking. The chemistry is great. Then you nail it by demonstrating how your thinking is backed by data. Pitch prep is frantic – we’ll be there for you and deliver the data you need in hours not days.

Precise and deep audience understanding, delivered globally

With over 2,000 preset targeting combinations you can reach the exact audience profile you are looking for at speed. A respondent base of over 100 million people worldwide allows us to help you deeply understand even the most niche of audiences.

Test and validate at speed

Test and validate campaign ideas, messaging and advertising content with your target audience. Data in hours to focus your thinking rather than being held up and frustrated by slow and ponderous testing processes.

Evaluate campaigns in real time

Campaign impact needs to be evaluated during the campaign as well as at the end. Daily data to minimise the feedback lag allowing you to react in time to the insight. Bookended by pre and post evaluation to demonstrate and evidence the power of your work.

Tracking 2.0

Traditional tracking is slow and difficult to integrate with other datasets and systems. Our cutting edge automation and data science team give you the power to run weekly comprehensive multi-market tracking which is piped directly into your data ecosystem. A method which is faster, more comprehensive and more cost efficient.


Full spectrum research

We support clients right across the research spectrum — from segmentations and audience profiling to message testing to tracking, and everything in between.



Investigate a category or topic to understand emerging trends,
opportunities, and risks



Segment your audience to identify opportunities for growth



Understand the usage, attitudes and perceptions of each target group



Run RCTs and A/B tests to validate messaging, concept and creative ideas



Measure brand, reputation, public opinion and other metrics over time

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