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Gone are the days of research being slow and revealing the obvious. Find your audience, find what matters to them and find the insights that illuminate paths to growth. In hours not weeks.

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The advanced tech and expert team needed to help unlock growth

Consumer research methods are broken. Fieldwork takes weeks. There is endless back and forth over email – draining time and energy. Quality is questionable. The market has moved on by the time the data has been analysed. We’ve brought together the best of tech and research to solve these challenges.

Category landscaping at market-leading pace

Clients use our tech enabled approach to deliver market landscaping at 5x the speed of traditional providers. So they’re closer to what's happening right now. The result? Our clients are better informed about how their market and category are changing – and what they can do about it.

Niche audience knowledge, delivered globally

With over 2,000 preset targeting combinations you can reach the exact audience profile you are looking for at speed. A respondent base of over 100 million people worldwide allows us to help you deeply understand even the most niche of audiences.

Tracking 2.0

Traditional tracking is slow and difficult to integrate with other datasets and systems. Our cutting edge automation and data science team give you the power to run weekly comprehensive multi-market tracking which is piped directly into your data ecosystem. A method which is faster, more comprehensive and more cost efficient.

Stay ahead of your competitors

From regular brand tracking to deep dive analysis on new market entrants and their threat to your brand we can help you with all aspects of deriving high quality and fast turnaround brand intelligence. Weekly brand tracking allows you to be closer to what is happening now.

Validate new ideas and content fast

Our platform allows you to quickly test and validate concepts, packaging, creative and messaging. Have a meeting on a Monday, create the tests in the platform and reconvene the next day. Don’t lose momentum waiting for the insight.


Full spectrum research

We support clients right across the research spectrum — from segmentations and audience profiling to message testing to tracking, and everything in between.



Investigate a category or topic to understand emerging trends,
opportunities, and risks



Segment your audience to identify opportunities for growth



Understand the usage, attitudes and perceptions of each target group



Run RCTs and A/B tests to validate messaging, concept and creative ideas



Measure brand, reputation, public opinion and other metrics over time

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