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"Focaldata provided us with the geographic insights we needed to help inform our strategic marketing decisions.”

Grant Thorson
Global Director, Category Expansion, AB InBev

"Focaldata offers more detailed and accurate insights than any other pollster can offer. They are consistently reliable. I use them whenever Best for Britain needs to better understand public opinion."

Naomi Smith
CEO, Best for Britain

"UnHerd wanted local estimates and Focaldata were the only people who could do it."

Freddie Sayers
Executive Editor, UnHerd

What is MRP?

Our analytics stack is powered by an advanced data modelling technique called MRP, short for multi-level regression with post-stratification. MRP allows you to use a national or regional poll to predict opinion within local areas and precise demographic groups. This helps you determine what issues matter most to your target audience—and how best to communicate your message. So you can run campaigns rooted in local and regional dynamics, not national averages.

Use cases

Get 10x more data from surveys using MRP

national legislatures

Parliamanetary constituencies

Use a national poll to predict opinion at constituency level (e.g. Bristol South, Stockton North).


Local authority districts

Turn a regional poll into granular data about local districts (e.g. London boroughs).


Consumer segmentation

Use your existing consumer data to predict behaviour at a more granular level (e.g. healthy snacks preference for young professional women in north-east England).

How MRP works

Get unique local-level insights

Model opinion and other responses
The first step is using a survey to build a multi-level regression model that predicts opinion or other responses from certain variables, normally demographics.

Weighting by relevant population count
The next step is weighting (i.e. post-stratifying) your results by the relevant population count to get estimates at the target population level (e.g. constituency).

Analyse MRP results
Data is loaded into our analytics application. You can see a geographic breakdown of results. Or export the data for analysis using your favourite analytics tool.

Trusted results

Our MRP work has been featured by leading news organisations including ITV, Channel 4, Reuters and the BBC. Focaldata is a registered member of the British Polling Council (BPC) and the Market Research Society (MRS).

Get 10x more local insights from your survey data

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