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Full-featured survey builder

Script advanced surveys with ease

Input your survey in minutes. Spend more time clarifying objectives and focusing on your analysis.

Routing logic

Set up display logic to only show questions and response options to the correct respondents based on their previous answers. Use skip logic to jump people forwards based on their responses. Powerful functionality, easy to use.

Question types

Select from 10+ questions types. Pick from single and multi select, number inputs, free-text questions, ranked, sliders, matrix (grid) and more. Add text statements to guide the respondent through the survey.

A/B testing

Randomly divide your audience into groups to conduct A/B tests and other randomised control trials. Split your audience into over 10 groups where needed.

Powerful sampling

Reach millions of consumers globally

Reach your exact audience in over 90 countries. Get answers from niche consumer or professional audiences. Or target a nationally representative sample to understand a country at large.

Granular targeting

Build an audience using over 2,000 variables, like where people shop, where they get their news, or what job they have. By using targeting, you can send your survey directly to the right group, reducing your costs and increasing the speed of fieldwork.

Custom quotas

Set up quotas to get a representative sample. Ensure your audience is representative by the dimensions you care about, like age, gender, income, ethnicity, working status or vote choice.

Audience templates

Pick from a list of nationally representative audiences we’ve already built using the most up-to-date statistics. Preset audiences include BAME, workers and Millenials. Save time setting up quotas and variables.

Reliable data

Data you can trust

Always get clean data. Bots and cheats are problems for all online panels. reCAPTCHA tests and simple bot detection are not enough. So, using machine learning we’ve built a best-in-class data quality engine, based on the millions of data points we collect every week. With Focaldata you only get answers from real, engaged respondents.


We spot inconsistencies in people’s answers, like renters who say they’re worried about a non-existent mortgage. With these checks, we ensure that your data always makes sense, down to the level of individual responses.


Respondents giving gibberish, nonsense and out of context responses are removed automatically. So you can begin straight away with analysing free text responses, not spending hours cleaning up the data.


By analysing flatlining and other patterns that poor-quality respondents follow when answering surveys, we remove bots and disengaged respondents.


We’ve analysed tens of millions of responses to spot how speed interacts with the quality of respondents. We deploy a range of speed-based checks at question and survey level to root out bad respondents.


Data ready for analysis

Start exploring the data once the project is live. Slice your data as you build your story. Then export to your favourite analytics tool for deeper analysis. Spend more time on your analysis, and fewer hours wrangling and transforming data. All data processing is handled automatically.

Results dashboard

Use our results dashboard to review your results. Filter by answers or variables like demographics to start unpacking the average. Or export the chart data to quickly create your own visuals in Excel.

Export raw data

Save time getting data into the right format. Download the raw data in SPSS, long or wide format for deeper analysis in R, Tableau or your other favourite tool. Pipe data into your data warehouse to feed downstream dashboards and analytics.

Weighted data

Download data weighted by demographic variables like age, gender and region. Avoid the hassle of adding weights yourself. Save time to focus on your analysis.

Advanced support

Support you can rely on

Our team of researchers are here to help make every project a success. We will accelerate your work with personal onboarding and ongoing research and technical advice. Never run a tracker before? Need help setting up a niche audience? We're here.

Our customers

Powering extraordinary research

“It's an incredible unique benefit to combine a self-serve platform with the same audience precision as YouGov Profiles, all accessible immediately. Focaldata allows you to concentrate on the results, and frees you up for higher level thinking.”

Adrian Langford
Director of Strategy, Jaywing

"Focaldata gave us the accurate view of our brand that we needed. I can’t ever imagine going back to conventional research.”

Cassandra Stavrou MBE
Co-founder of PROPER

“Focaldata’s platform told us where we needed to campaign and what we needed to say when no-one else could. They are simply the best out there.”

Nick Lowles
CEO, Hope not hate

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