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Accelerate cut-through insights

With rapid speed and guaranteed data quality, Focaldata gives you the competitive edge needed to win pitches and deliver successful data-driven communications advice and campaigns for your clients.

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Be a trailblazer, not a laggard

It’s tough for clients to stand out in today’s stakeholder economy. Agencies face mounting challenges in sourcing the right insights for clients that drive real results. Businesses demand more evidence and data to back up decisions.

Make a great first impression

Clients expect their advisors to be data driven. Win your next pitch with a unique data point. Stand out from the crowd by being data driven right from the start of every relationship and mandate.

Map opinion in record time

Get beyond the media narrative and consensus. Clients want campaigns built on deep insights into the public and key stakeholders. With Focaldata, rapidly acquire reliable quantitative data on people’s attitudes. Design campaigns that focus on wedge issues — and filter out the noise.

Optimise comms faster

Messaging and ideas should be battle tested. Agencies use Focaldata to run randomised control trials (RCTs) and other experiments to test the best message or campaign concept.

Build foundational knowledge

Forward-looking agencies want to put data and insights right at the centre of every client conversation. Moving beyond client-by-client projects, agencies use Focaldata to build up a unique data asset for each of their key markets.

Track reputation in real time

Campaign outcomes need to be evaluated. Strategy and tactics always evolve. Agencies use Focaldata to track their clients’ reputations and measure the impact of their campaigns and messaging in real time with the public.


Full spectrum research

We support clients right across the research spectrum — from segmentations and audience profiling to message testing to tracking, and everything in between.



Investigate a category or topic to understand emerging trends,
opportunities, and risks



Segment your audience to identify opportunities for growth



Understand the usage, attitudes and perceptions of each target group



Run RCTs and A/B tests to validate messaging, concept and creative ideas



Measure brand, reputation, public opinion and other metrics over time

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