The end of mediocre research

Focaldata cracks the tech/people code. We bring together world-class consultants and data scientists with proprietary research technology to create trailblazing insights.

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Deeper insight at lightning speed

By harnessing our proprietary technology, we can collect more data at rapid speed. We then use purpose-built analytical tools to derive deeper insights. By combining our technology with the creativity and experience of a world-class team, we can solve the hardest insight problems facing your organisation.

Seamless delivery by a tech-powered team

Our engineers build cutting-edge data collection technology that streamlines the work of our researchers. The result? You get a 1-1 relationship with a dedicated team focused on your strategic problem – rather than a mess of delivery teams weighed down by old-fashioned research tools and processes.

Get to insight 2x faster

Our research platform automates sampling, fieldwork and data quality in 90+ markets worldwide meaning we can collect data at lighting speed. So our consultants can deliver game-changing insights to clients up to 2x faster than traditional providers.

Deeper insights from massive datasets

By automating the research workflow, we can spend more time and resource turning massive datasets into trailblazing insights. We have the highest proportion of data scientists and data engineers to researchers in the insight business. We’ve pioneered the use of machine learning to analyse survey data by building the first fully automated MRP pipeline.

Rest assured with industry-leading quality controls

Our data quality controls are battle tested. We deploy the most advanced machine learning based controls and three layers of expert review, which we've designed in partnership with advanced insight teams at leading brands, agencies and non-profits.

Build a constantly improving data asset

Say goodbye to isolated project delivery. Focaldata helps you build a respondent-level database that can unlock new insights into your critical audiences. Generate unique ongoing insights based on all the research you run with Focaldata. It’s the future of research.


Full spectrum insight

We provide research services right across the insight spectrum — from quant studies to focus groups to analytics to strategic consulting, and everything in between.



From flash polling analysis to foundational knowledge that builds a deep understanding of underlying trends, opportunities, and risks



Geographically segment your audience by local area – whether that's constituency or county –  to understand your audiences with 10x more granularity



Demographically segment your audiences – to understand your supporters, persuadables and opponents on any given issue or brand proposition



Run RCTs and A/B tests to generate insights and recommendations about the best concept, creative, packaging and messaging ideas to take to market



Generate insights by measuring the performance of initiatives: track brand, reputation, public opinion and other metrics over time


Tech-enabled insight delivery

For every project, we put our technology right at the heart of the engagement — giving our team superpowers and giving clients instant access to data and insights.

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